Group Show at Prohibition Gallery

Opening Reception Saturday, March 22 6-9pm



"For every prohibition you create, you also create an underground." -Jello Biafra

When the 18th amendment was enacted, creating the Prohibition Era, it divided a nation. Bootleggers spread the flow of alcohol illegally to speakeasies across the nation, while zealots proselytized the cleansing of a people. 13 years later, the 21st Amendment overruled prohibition, making it the only amendment to ever overrule another amendment. Citizens were again allowed to drink. It revitalized an American culture. In a similar vein, Prohibition Gallery is hosting18 artists (as a shout out to our namesake) to partake in a group show celebrating the right of choice, as a constitutional right. All the artists' individuality is not hampered by the expectations of a controlled society. We are the misfits.

The show is featuring work by...
Virginia Broersma
Susan Doe
Bill Faecke
MX Farina
Luke Haynes 
James Johnson
Deborah Lambert 
Kara Liebowitz 
Diana Madriaga 
Wyatt Mills 
David O'Brien
Louis Oberlander
Charlotte Patterson 
Mike Reynolds 
Christopher Russell 
Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski
Brian Tarpey
Camilla Taylor 

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