JAUS is pleased to present C-Note: An Exhibition and Fundraiser for Syrian Children.


Featuring works by: Luciana Abait, Karla Aguíñiga, Mario Ayala, Kelly Barrie, Raul Baltazar, Susanne Melanie Berry, Nicole Bille, Virginia Broersma, Daniel Caballero, Gul Cagin, Clayton Campbell, Matt Carter, Miri Chais, Brian Chambers, York Chang, Carlos Chavez, Sarah Chenault, Aaron Dadacay, Joshua Daniel (aka Cole Lodge 365), Michael Dee, Jenny Donaire, Martin Durazo, Jay Erker, Nancy Evans, Dan Everett, Don Flores, David French, Yvette Gellis, Eben Goff, Daniel Gonzalez (aka DGZB), Elan Greenwald, Kio Griffith, Maria Guerrero Solarzano, Sherin Guirguis, Ashley Hagen, Katy Hamrock, Michelle Carla Handel, Carlson Hatton, Luis Guillermo Hernandez, Fatima Hoang, Ichiro Irie, Karin Jancuk, Astrelle Johnquest, Gilbert Johnquest, Emily Jones, Lucas Kazansky, Heidi Kidon, Phil Kim, Svetlana Linetsakaya, Vida Liu, Aleve Mei Loh, Emily Marchand, David McDonald, Marissa Mercado, Marcos Lutyens, Mathew Manos, Katherine Martin, Robert Medina, Kathleen Melian, Rebeca Mendes, Dustin Metz, Bryan Miller, John Mills, Ashley Mistriel, Robert Moya, Ofunne Obiwame, Dasha Orlova, Ruby Osorio, Julia Paull, Atilio Pernisco, Suzy Poghosyan, Stephen Praise, Max Presneill, Rebeca Puga, Jason Ramos, Sarah Riedmann, Bryan Ricci, Ana Rodriguez, Jaklin Romine, Nathan Rosser, Kiki Seror, Mahya Shamai, Chris Sicat, Emily Silver, Skunkworks, Kate Slovin, Lisa C Soto, Collin Stafford, CR Stecyk III, Jason Michael Stepina, Macha Suzuki, Olguin Tapia, Don Tinling, Melly Trochez, Devon Tsuno, Marjan Vayghan, Maria Villote, Eric Vrymoed, Nathan Warner, Tessie Whitmore, Lena Wolek, Eve Wood, Peter and Samantha Rae Wu ... and more!

As of October 27, 2013, the third year of Syria’s internal conflict, 1,110,860 children, that is to say over one million children live as refugees in neighboring countries. This is more than the total number of children living in the city of Los Angeles. Over 3 million live inside Syria, displaced, orphaned, living in poverty, and caught in the line of fire. They need food, water, medicine, protection, and education.

The exhibition will be a pop-up, salon style exhibition at JAUS featuring works by over 100 artists from Southern California, in an effort to raise awareness, contribute to the humanitarian effort, and raise money that will be donated to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) specifically directed to children affected by the Syrian crisis.

Every piece in the show will be available for $100. All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to UNICEF’s efforts in Syria.

The works in the exhibition will span a variety of media, genre, and subject matter. In its entirety, we hope the project conveys a spirit of non-violence, co-existence and harmony among those with differentphilosophies and ways of life.

A special thanks to UNICEF and UNICEF Next Generation for their kind support.  Also thanks to 18th Street Arts Center for their generosity and support.


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