Echo Location curated by Lisa C Soto

a sonar mapping, a location of objects, people, across space.

in some sense a call, a response

one navigates, negotiates space, place, neighborhood, one’s community.

what are the rituals, rhythms? where are the borders, the markers, fixed or ephemeral?

Eastside International is pleased to present Echo Location, a group exhibition curated by Lisa C Soto. The exhibition features work by artists who participated in a series of talks at Soto’s Inglewood studio entitled “Conversations By Artists For Artists”, which began in November of 2015. The conversations were intended to build connectivity, cultivate empowerment, and provide an intimate space for the exchange of ideas, energies, and perspectives. In Echo Location the visions and voices of the twenty-three participating artists co-mingle again and offer an alternative mapping of LA’s creative landscape.

Featuring: Amitis Motevalli, Andy Moses, Cindy Rehm, Duane Paul, Glen Wilson, Isabelle Lutterodt, Jamaal Tolbert, John K. Chan, Kelly Berg, Kimberly Morris, Kysa Johnson, Kyungmi Shin, Lisa C Soto, Lisa Diane Wedgeworth, Lita Albuquerque, Martin Durazo, Michael Massenburg, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Raksha Parekh, Selwyn Hinds, Todd Gray, Virginia Broersma, Zeal Harris.

Exhibition designed by John K Chan of Formation Association.

February 18 - March 18, 2017
Reception: Saturday, February 25th, 7-10 PM
Gallery Hours beginning February 18th: Sat & Sun 1 to 5pm, or by appointment

Eastside International (ESXLA) 602 Moulton Ave, LA CA 90031



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