Come join us this coming Saturday, February the 8th at 4:30pm for an artist talk with Virginia Broersma, Alec Egan, Roni Feldman, Andrew Foster, Frank J. Stockton, Laurence McNamara, and Erica Ryan Stallones about how portraiture figures into their art practice as well as how the status of portraiture has being prolematized in the early twenty-first century. Has portraiture been on the decline as a genre of serious interest by artists and critics alike or are we living through the era of consummate portraiture where people are more interested in the theater of the self than ever before do to the rise of social media? If so, what does painting have to offer the discussion in an era of motion gifs, facebook tags and the wild proliferation of filters and image enhancement techniques offered by digital media? Is portraiture as a genre at the same impasse painting and photography faced in the last century? Come explore these questions and more at Autonomie's roundtable on their current exhibition as part of The Foundation for Art Resources Artists Talk Art (ATA) series. Discussion moderated by Grant Vetter.


Place: Autonomie, 4742 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90016

Time: 4:30 to 6pm, Saturday, February 8th.


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