Works by Women, for Women

Desert Hot Springs, CA, November 5, 2016– WOMEN ON THE FENCE (WOTF) is a one-day paper show of radical LA artists in conjunction with the three-day women’s festival and retreat: MOTHERSHIP, brought to you by HER/LA, and curated by Hayley Barker and Andrea Marie Breilling. WOMEN ON THE FENCE: This one-day art show will feature the work of over 30 feminist women artists from Los Angeles. Works will be hung outdoors on the chain link fence that demarcates the interior space of the MOTHERSHIP festival. MOTHERSHIP is a three-day outdoor festival for women that features feminist and queer-friendly music, workshops, camping, and community.

Artists in WOTF include: Lilly Aldriedge, Shaga Ariannia, Sarah Awad, Hayley Barker, Andrea Marie Breilling, Virginia Broersma, Alika Cooper, Akina Cox, Nikki Darling,Yasmine Diaz, Sarita Dougherty, Catherine Fairbanks, Nikita Gale, Rema Ghuloum, Sarah Gilbert, Meghan Gordan, Trulee Grace Hall, Kyla Hansen, Melissa Huddleston, Angie Jennings, Kara Joslyn, Molly Larkey, Sophie Lee, Clare Little, Tiffany Livingston, Kristy Luck, Annelie McKenzie, Erin Morrison, Megan Mueller, Erika Ostrander, Lauren Quin, Rachel Roske, Nancy Stella Soto, Shanna Waddell, Julie Weitz, Suné Woods, Lindsay Preston Zappas.

Only ticketholders/attendees of the festival will be able to view the show. At the WOTF show, art will be displayed and for sale. Donations will be accepted towards a cash award that will be raffled off one to our participating artists.


MOTHERSHIP is sponsored by HER/LA is a volunteer-run, feminist collective, celebrating community and culture. HER/LA describes their position as:

the anti-mean girls,
the new wave riot grrrl,
sex-positive, LGBTQ encompassing, ultra-inclusive creatives,
who believe in the power of women supporting other women.
We believe a good time and expanding minds are not mutually exclusive.

WOMEN ON THE FENCE is partnering with HER/LA because we believe that now is the time to stand together. In a political climate where misogyny, racism, and nationalism have reigned, we are actively seeking to create a radical feminist space where art can be (at least for one day) used to empower and include one another with love and respect. We aim to make a temporary community that honors pleasure as political.



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